Axalta Industrial Coatings

Axalta Industrial Coatings and Protection Engineering for Corrosion Protection.

Products Include:

Imron® Industrial Strength

Imron® 2.1 HG

IImron® 3.5 HG

Imron® 2.1 PR

Imron® 2.8 PR

Imron® 1.2 HG

Imron® 1.5 PR

Imron® 1.5 ST-D

DuPont ZVH

Corlar® 2.1 PR-P

Corlar® 2.8 PR

Corlar® 2.1 ST

Corlar® 2.1 PR

Corlar® 2.1 HTA

Corlar® 2.8 HG

Corlar® 2.8 HG-D

Tufcote® 2.5 PR

Tufcote® 2.8 PR

Tufcote® 1.9 HG-D

DuPont WP

axalta dupont imron and corlar industrial coatings axalta dupont imron industrial strength
axalta 9t01 industrial strength polyurethane

The Axalta Advantage

Axalta's General Industrial Coatings are designed to deliver performance and a long life cycle in demanding commercial, industrial and institutional environments.

Whether you’re dealing with applications that need to resist extreme weather, chemicals, corrosion, heavy-duty wear and tear or simply the ravages of time, Axalta’s General Industrial Coatings provide the performance and good looks you require.

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Primary Markets & Applications

Amusement Parks

Commercial & Industrial Facilities

Construction Equipment

Conveyor Equipment

Hot Mix Asphalt

Locomotive & Rail

Portable Module Buildings

Propane Gas

Rail Right of Way


Ready Mix Concrete

Short Line Rail

Ski Resort

Imron Industrial Strength Polyurethane Coating

Axalta (formerly DuPont) Imron® Industrial Strength is the next generation of Imron® technology. Based upon unique DuPont formulations and resin technology, Imron® Industrial Strength is the fastest Imron® yet, providing the “Wet Look that Lasts” with the lowest environmental impact. Imron® Industrial Strength Ultra Low VOC Polyurethane Clear 9C01™ is a high gloss, 0.3 lbs/gal VOC conforming, low HAPS, polyurethane clear coat. The resulting finish product provides a brush, roll or sprayable topcoat suitable for use in any environment where additional long term color and gloss retention are desired.

Axalta formerly DuPont Industrial Coatings
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