Cathodic Protection & Supplies

Galvotec Alloys - Anodes

Since 1984, Galvotec Alloys, Inc., has been and continues to be a premier manufacturer of high quality Sacrificial (Galvanic) Aluminum, Zinc and Magnesium Anodes.

Galvotec has developed an excellent reputation internationally in the industry because of their total commitment to quality in every aspect of the business. Beginning with raw materials through process production and delivery, Galvotec has always insisted on the highest possible quality associated with the product lines.

Efficiency in manufacturing, analytical capabilities, and experienced committed personnel all together contribute to the success and growth of Galvotec, throughout the years. Their vast global involvement in the industry has helped them gain a competitive edge that no other anode manufacturer has been able to achieve. Galvotec is also an innovative company that helps build solutions to clients' needs.

Protection Engineering provides cathodic protection products, sundries and pipeline supplies.

Products include:

Galvotec Anodes - Magnesium Anodes, Zinc Anodes, Specialty Anodes

GPT Industries PSI-Pikotek - Isolation Kits, Gaskets, End Seals, Casing Spacers

Thermoweld - Charges, Molds, Sleeves, Thermocaps, Bonding Cables

Advanced Products (APS) - Gaskets, End Seals, Casing Spacers, Flange Kits

Specialty Products - Ideal Hose Clamps, Grounding Clamps, Split Bolt Connectors

Testex Press-O-Film, Testex Gages & Wet Film Thickness Gauges

Tinker Rasor - Holiday Detectors, Rentals, Parts

Sundries & Supplies - Chip Brushes, Rollers/Frames, Nitrile Gloves

3M Safety Supplies (hard hats, respirators, safety vests, etc.)

x-course press-o-film replica tape and gage cathodic protection products and supplies holiday detectors
psi pikotek linebacker gasket phenolic with nitrile seal

ThermOweld Exothermic Products

thermOweld® services the Cathodic market domestically and internationally through Corrosion Distributors. This is an all-encompassing field that includes the following: Oil and Gas Transmission pipeline, Water Tanks, Bridges, Marine structures as well as many other cathodic protection needs.

Regardless of the requirements, thermOweld® provides a long list of products for your Cathodic needs. thermOweld® has the best mold design engineer in the industry, as well as the quickest lead-time in the industry. We offer a variety of exothermic products and accessories listed in our Catalog.

thermOweld® and Protection Engineering together are also quickly becoming recognized in the industry for not only providing Great Customer Service but being engaged in Problem Solving, Providing Fast Response Time and Effective Solutions.

magnesium anodes for cathodic protection
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