Pipeline Products

Eagle Super Wrap Tape Machine from Protection Engineering.

Products Include:

Eagle Super Wrap Tape Machine

eagle super wrap, tuff-n-nuff, SCC wax tapes, and STACwrap
eagle super wrap tape wrap machine

Eagle Super Wrap Machines

This machine is designed for quick and easy pipe sizing, changing, and tape overlap adjustments. Recent lab tests by a major oil company show proven field service, proficiency. The hand tape-wrap surpasses all pipeline company stipulations in accordance with an autonomous study performed by Arco™.

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Rockguard Rock Shield from Protection Engineering for Pipeline Protection.

Products Include:

Rockguard HD Pipeline Protection Mesh (Rockshield)

SCC Wax Tapes from Protection Engineering for Corrosion Protection.

Products Include:

Step 1 Prime Guard

Step 2 Below Ground Wax Tape

Step 2 Mold Guard Above Ground Wax Tape

Step 3 Outer Guard

STAC Products from Protection Engineering for Corrosion Protection.

Products Include:



STACfill LT and Standard


The RockGuard Advantage

ROCKGUARD® HD is flexible for easy handling, even at low temperatures. Chemically inert, ROCKGUARD® HD, will not rot and the open mesh design allows water to

flow freely over and off the pipeline. ROCKGUARD® HD aperture design ensures that cathodic protection is not inhibited.

The SCC Advantage

Superior Corrosion Control is committed to creating high quality products that provide long lasting protection against corrosion. With over 100 combined years of experience in the industry, Superior Corrosion Control develops and manufactures anti-corrosion coatings such as epoxy coatings, petroleum wraps, primers, outer wraps, and fillers.

The STAC Advantage

STAC Products are most widely used for maintenance projects. All STAC products are non-toxic and non-flammable. They are simple to apply, highly flexible and conform easily to irregular shapes and voids. Petrolatum based products are ideal for application to all kinds of surfaces - cold, wet or submerged, pitted or corroded. These products are corrosion resistant and hold up well to water, salts, acids and caustics.

eagle super wrap tape machine tuff-n-nuff rockguard rockshield for pipelines scc step 2 wax tape from superior corrosion control stac wrap petrolatum wax tape SCC Superior Corrosion Control Wax Tapes Stac Systems petrolatum tape Rockguard rockshield rock guard
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