detectable underground warning tape

Specialty Pipeline Products

Detectable and Non-Detectable Warning Tapes from Protection Engineering.

Products Include:

Underground Detectable Warning Tape

Underground Non-Detectable Warning Tape

pipeline warning tapes
underground detectable warning tapes

Underground Warning Tapes

Vivid color-coded Underground Tapes quickly warn excavation crews of the existence of buried pipes and cables before damage can occur. Our non-adhesive polyethylene Underground Tape is a simple, economical way to protect buried utility lines. Tapes are impervious to alkalis, acids and other soil components.

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Carsonite Markers from Protection Engineering for Marking Pipelines.

Products Include:

Carsonite Utility Markers

Greenline® Markers

Decals & Signs

Protectowrap from Protection Engineering for Corrosion Protection.

Products Include:

Protectowrap 200 Tape

Protectowrap 1170 Primer

Girard Polly-Pigs from Protection Engineering for Pipeline Cleaning.

Products Include:

Yellow Polly Pigs

Red Poly Pigs

Scarlet Polly Pigs

Special Application Pigs

The Carsonite Advantage

Carsonite understands the importance of marking underground utilities to minimize the risks of accidental uncovering of buried utility lines. Make Carsonite products your first line of defense against accidental dig-in and costly damage to your buried plant. Carsonite's lightweight, durable products resist harsh weather, corrosion, UV exposure, and fading.

The Protectowrap Advantage

Protecto Wrap's 200 Series of pipe tapes are cold applied pipe wraps for use on all types and sizes of pipe applications for protection against moisture and corrosion. These tapes can be hand applied by either a spiral wrapping or cigarette wrapping. 200 Series tapes are manufactured from a formulation of premium grade aromatic bituminous resins modified with synthetic resins.

The Girard Advantage

The Girard Polly-Pig is molded of polyurethane foam material of light, medium, or heavy density. Its bullet shape is designed to aid in traversing fittings and valves. Concave ends are available for bi-directional service. The length of the pig is approximately twice its diameter to reduce the possibility of the pig tumbling in the pipeline. Pigs can be ordered to any custom size requirements.

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