Denso Petrolatum Products

Denso from Protection Engineering for Corrosion Protection.

Products Include:

Denso Densyl Tape

Denso LT Tape

Denso Profiling Mastic

Denso Densyl Mastic

Denso Densyl Mastic Blankets

Denso Paste

Denso Paste S105 Wet/Underwater

Denso Utility Tape

Denso ColorTape

Denso Butyl 35 Tape

Denso MB-50 Tape

Denso Glass Outerwrap

Denso Poly-Wrap

Denso Marine Systems

densyl tapes and denso paste for pipeline protection denso petrolatum tapes for pipeline and marine applications
densyl tape applied to pipeline

The Denso Advantage

Denso’s Petrolatum Tapes have been around for over 80 years, with Denso Tape being the first petrolatum tape developed.

These high performance petrolatum tape products provide above and below ground and underwater protection to pipelines, fittings, tank bases, steel structures and similar substrates.

Denso petrolatum tape wrap systems can be easily applied, by hand, to most surfaces in a wide range of temperature and environmental conditions.

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