Farbertite Water-based Coal Tar Coating

Farbertite and Protection Engineering for Concrete and Corrosion Protection.

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Farbertite Water-based Coal Tar Coating

farbertite coal tar coating farbertite
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The Farbertite Advantage

FARBERTITE is a coal tar compound containing an inert mineral filler and a corrosion inhibitor suspended in a water-based system.

It contains no asphaltic material, resin, acid, caustic alkali, sulfur or compounds of sulfur. It contains no volatile ingredients that are toxic.

Farbertite is a versatile coating for protecting concrete or metals in aggressive environments. It will seal and protect many different surfaces from water and salt penetration as well as common acids and alkalis.

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Primary Markets & Applications

Bridge Coating

Undersea Surfaces

Batching Bins

Pipe Coating

Salt Trucks

Electrical Conduit

Ship Coating

Sedimentation Tanks


Sewage Treatment Plants

Concrete Reservoirs

Fence Posts

Seals Concrete

Trash Containers

Equipment Supports

Seals Asphalt Beams at Grade

Marine Structures

Farbertite Water-based Coal Tar Coating

A unique, water-based, coal tar coating that provides exceptional adhesion, flexibility and corrosion protection for concrete, wood or steel construction components that may be exposed to aggressive environments, particularly in marine applications.

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