Galvotec Alloys Anodes

Galovtec Alloys and Protection Engineering for Cathodic Protection.

Products Include:

Aluminum Anodes

Zinc Anodes

Magnesium Anodes

Extruded Magnesium Anodes

H1 Anodes

High Potential Anodes

Bracelet Anodes

Drive-in Anodes

Ribbon Anodes

packaged magnesium anodes and zinc anodes packaged high potential magnesium anodes
bare magnesium sacrificial anodes

The Galvotec Advantage

Galvotec Alloys has been the leading innovator in the anode industry since 1984.

They provide the highest quality sacrificial anodes on the market.

Galvotec manufactures sacrificial aluminum, zinc, magnesium, water heater, and extruded anodes used for cathodic protection.

Their experience in producing galvanic anodes assures that you will receive top quality anodes that will effectively inhibit corrosion when used in a properly designed and maintained cathodic protection system.

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Anode Applications

Hulls of ships, barges, tugs and boats

Ballast tanks of ore carriers and similar vessels


Water storage tanks

Piers and pilings


Heat exchangers

NSF water tanks

Galvotec High Potential Magnesium Anodes

SuperMag High Potential Magnesium Anodes from Galvotec Alloys, Inc. offers typical high working/driving potentials of -1.70 volts or better vs. copper/copper sulfate reference electrode, providing more current output per pound than AZ- 63 alloy magnesium anodes. This alloy is the best choice for engineered systems in high resistivity soils. The typical backfill material consists of 75% gypsum, 20% bentonite and 5% sodium sulfate. Anodes are available packaged and unpackaged with or without leads.

packaged sacrificial anodes from galvotec
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