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Why Polyguard RD-6?

Polyguard RD-6 is a non-shielding coating. This means that if the RD-6 coating ever becomes disbonded, the pipeline beneath is still protected because cathodic protection currents will be able to reach the disbonded area. Once the current reaches the disbonded area it will raise the pH of the water underneath it to 9 or higher – a level too high to support corrosion. Additionally, the RD-6’s geotextile fabric backing does not shield cathodic protection currents.

Protection Engineering provides pipeline products designed to prevent corrosion.

Products Include:

Polyguard RD-6, IRO Coating, Epoxies and Joint Wraps

Polyken 930, 932, 980, 955, YGIII, Joint Wraps and Yard Wraps

Covalence WPCT, DIRAX, HTLP, CASEAL Shrink Sleeves

Tapecoat H-35, H-50, 6025, Color Coat, Omniprime, TC Mastic

Wraptite 330 tape, Joint Wraps, Yard Wraps & WTP1 Petrolatum Tapes

Trenton #1 & #2 Wax Tapes and MC-Outerwrap

Denso Petrolatum Tapes and Mastics

Royston Tapes & Mastics

Underground Warning Tapes, Pipeline Markers, Protectowrap Tape &

Girard Polly Pigs

Eagle Super Wrap Tape Machines, STACwrap

RockGuard HD Pipeline Protection Mesh Rockshield

Citadel DiamondWrap HP Composite Carbon Fiber Repair

covalence raychem wpct shrink sleeves trenton mc-outerwrap applied over trenton #1 wax tape
polyken 932 tape wrap applied to water pipeline

The Tapecoat Advantage

Tapecoat has been a respected manufacturer of tapes and coatings to the pipeline industry for decades. Their products include industry standards Tapecoat H-35, T Tape and Tapecoat 20. Tapecoat’s reputation for reliability is known throughout the oil, gas, water and wastewater industries.

As a leader in field applied corrosion prevention products, Tapecoat products are highly effective at protecting your investments in pipeline assets and reducing the potential for environmental contamination and hazards to life and property.

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