Polyguard RD-6 Pipeline Coating

Advantages of Polyguard RD-6 Coating System Provided from Protection Engineering:

ADVANTAGE #1: RD-6™ is a non-shielding coating. This means that if the coating ever becomes disbonded from the pipe surface, the pipeline is still protected because cathodic protection currents can reach the disbonded area. Once there, the cathodic current will raise the pH of the water underneath the disbonded area to 9 or higher – a level too high to support corrosion. Additionally, the geotextile fabric backing of RD-6™ does not shield cathodic protection currents.

ADVANTAGE #2: RD-6™ is less likely to fail (to become disbonded) because:

• RD-6™ resists disbondment from the pipe, even if surface

preparation is less than perfect.

• RD-6™ is highly resistant to soil stress, a major cause of

coating disbondment.

• RD-6™ installs faster than almost any other coating, and

requires no cure time.

ADVANTAGE #3: RD-6™ is not a tape. North American pipeline operators have virtually banished solid film backed tapes and shrink sleeves. RD-6™ is quite different.

ADVANTAGE #4: RD-6™ has a long record of successful installations in the field. The first installations of RD-6™ were in 1988. By 1992, this product was being widely used in North America. Today there are thousands of installations.

polyguard rd-6 170 non shielding high temp coating polyguard rd-6 machine applied to natural gas pipeline

Polyguard RD-6 Coating

RD-6™ pipeline corrosion coating is a system that allows cathodic protection currents to reach any disbonded area which occurs on the pipeline.

RD-6™ has been used on thousands of projects for over 19 years. Yet, to our knowledge, neither external corrosion nor SCC has been a problem under RD-6™.

RD-6 170 is a high temperature version of the RD-6 that allows for applications to pipelines with elevated temperatures.

Technical Data & MSDS Polyguard Page polyguard rd-6 wrap with 601 adhesive and 606 filler
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