Polyguard Pipeline Products

Polyguard Pipeline Products from Protection Engineering for Corrosion Protection.

Products Include:

Polyguard CA-9 Mastic

Polyguard CA-14 Mastic

Polyguard RD-6

Polyguard RD-6 170 Hi-Temp

Polyguard RD-6 OS

Polyguard 600 Liquid Adhesive

Polyguard 601 Zero VOC Primer

Polyguard 600 Tape Wrap

Polyguard 610/CP50 Tape Wrap

Polyguard 600 UV 350

Polyguard 606 Filler Tape

Polyguard SP-6 Outer Wrap

Polyguard RG-2400

Polyguard NHT-5600 Epoxy

polyguard rd-6 non shielding coating polyguard rd-6 machine applied to gas pipeline
machine application of polyguard rd-6 tape wrap

The Polyguard Advantage

Polyguard's Pipeline Division has been active in the corrosion coating industry for more than 50 years. In addition to standard types of Corrosion Coatings, this division has designed, manufactured, and introduced a number of innovative Underground Pipeline Coatings and Girth Weld Coatings, which have become commercially accepted as standards for the industry. They are both Non-Shielding Coatings and Soil Stress Tolerant. Their product offerings include NHT-5600 2-Part Epoxy, and Reactive Gel, in addition to the popular RD-6 Coating System.

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Polyguard Applications

Over The Ditch Line Coatings

Girth Weld Coatings

Liquid Adhesive Systems

Coatings For Pipe Fittings, Bends & Ts

Corrosion Under Insulation

Reconditioning / Rehabilitation Coating System

polyguard pipeline coatings water lines
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