Polyguard pipeline products for the corrosion protection of underground pipelines.
Featuring the polyguard RD-6 Tape coating system

Polyguard was the first pipeline coating manufacturer to highlight the cathodic shielding problem and the first to develop a coating to address the shielding problem. Polyguard has been active in the pipeline protective coatings industry for over 50 years. In addition to standard types of corrosion coatings, Polyguard has designed, manufactured, and introduced a number of innovative underground pipeline coatings and girth weld coatings, which have become commercially accepted as standards for the industry. Most of theses products are both non-shielding coatings and soil stress tolerant. Their product offerings include their NHT-5600™ 2-Part Epoxy with a 30% – 50% longer pot life than the competition, and Reactive Gel, in addition to their popular RD-6® Coating System.

Polyguard RD-6 pipeline tape coatings do not cause cathodic shielding if coating disbondment occurs, helping mitigate pipeline corrosion often associated with buried steel pipe. This non-shielding coating is cathodic protection compatible and may be used for offshore applications, as well.

Polyguard continues to make industry leading protective coating and tape wraps for most pipeline applications.

Non-Shielding Coating

Polyguard RD-6® pipeline anti-corrosion coating is a wrap system that allows cathodic protection currents to reach the pipeline surface should any of the coating system become disbonded. RD-6® has been used on thousands of projects for over 25 years. In that time, neither external corrosion nor Stress Corrosion Cracking has been a problem for RD-6®.

Polyguard SP-6 is a "non-shielding" outerwrap for soil stress reduction.

Polyguard IRO (Impact Resistant Outerwrap) is a strong fiberglass wrap that hardens in minutes for use in HDD, boring, and other areas requiring protection from potential impact damage.

polyguard 600 / 601 Liquid adhesive

Polyguard’s fast drying, rubber based liquid adhesives used in conjunction with Polyguard’s coatings and tape wraps. The 600 is the standard adhesive and the 601 is a zero VOC adhesive.

polyguard 606 filler tape

Polyguard 606 is a cold applied protective coating designed for use over weld seams, and as a filler material under Polyguard coatings when wrapping station piping, irregular shapes such as valve bodies, flange bolts, and compression fittings.

Polyguard CA-9™ / CA-14™ Mastic

Polyguard mastics for corrosion protection. The CA-9™ Mastic for areas requiring an oil resistant coating and the CA-14™ Mastic for general pipeline maintenance.

 Polyguard NHT-5600™ is a 2-part 100% solids epoxy. It is a VOC-free epoxy coating designed to work in conjunction with FBE coated pipe and is specially formulated for extended pot life while maintaining a cure time comparable to other pipeline epoxies.

Polyguard NHT-6100™ is a 2-part 100% solids epox, It is a VOC-free epoxy coating designed to work with higher temperature applications up to 350ºF (177ºC) intermittent service.

Polyguard 2-part epoxies are used to provide corrosion protection of pipeline field joint girth welds, valves, fittings, repairs to FBE coated pipe, coating for directional drill (ARO) and road bore pipe, and for coating rehabilitation of existing pipelines.

Polyguard RG-2400® is applied as a gel - and instead of curing or hardening, it remains in gel form. The chemical elements in the gel react with elements in the steel surface. This reaction forms an ultra-thin glasslike mineral surface. This surface, along with pH adjusting chemistry in the RG-2400® gel, is what protects the steel underneath from corrosion. 

Polyguard RG-2400® has been used for numerous applications including insulated transmission pipelines, insulated valves and fittings, insulated tanks, insulated process piping, bundles pipe, ammonia systems, wire ropes, chime crevice at tank bottoms, and detachable anchor links.

Resistant to Soil Stress

Polyguard RD-6®,  A Success Story

Since the first installation in 1988, usage of RD-6® has grown almost every year,
with an average annual unit sales growth of 35%.
Virtually every pipeline operator who has used RD-6® on their line has continued to use the product.
  Today, some of the world's biggest operators utilize RD-6® as their standard coating.
The base of installed projects is in the thousands, both large and small.

Poyguard RD-6 Coating
Polyguard RD-6 Application
Polyguard RD-6 170 Coating Tape Wrap
RD-6 Tape Wrap Machine

Polyguard RD-6 Installation

Polyguard RD-6 Application

Polyguard Technical data / downloads

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Polyguard Coatings & Wraps

Polyguard RD-6®
  RD-6® Technical Data
RD-6® Application Specification
RD-6® General Application
  RD-6® 170 Coating System
  RD-6® Safety Data Sheet

Polyguard SP-6
  SP-6 Techical Data
  SP-6 Safety Data Sheet

Polyguard IRO
  IRO Application Specification
  IRO Quick Application Guide
  IRO Safety Data Sheet

Polyguard 600/634 (35 mil)
Polyguard 610/CP-50 (50 mil)

  600/610 Technical Data Sheet
  600/610 Safety Data Sheet

Polyguard 606 Filler
  606 Technical Data Sheet
606 Safety Data Sheet

Polyguard Adhesives & Mastics

Polyguard 600 Liquid Adhesive
  600 Technical Data Sheet
600 Safety Data Sheet

Polyguard 601 Zero VOC Adhesive
  601 Technical Data Sheet
  601 Safety Data Sheet

Polyguard CA-9 & CA-14 Mastic
  CA-9 / CA-14 Data Sheet
  CA-9 Safety Data Sheet
  CA-14 Safety Data Sheet

Polyguard RG-2400 - Corrosion Control Gel
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Polyguard Information & Calculators
Polyguard Fail Safe Coatings
Polyguard RD-6 Non-Shielding Coatings
Spiral Wrap Coverage Chart
IRO Girthweld Calculator
RD-6 Pipe Coverage Calculator
Polyguard Liquid Epoxies

Polyguard NHT-5600™ Epoxy
  NHT-5600™ Technical Data
  NHT-5600™ Safety Data Sheet

Polyguard NHT-5600™ Epoxy Repair
  NHT-5600™ Repair Techical Data
  NHT-5600™ Repair Safety Data Sheet

Polyguard NHT-6100™ High Temp Epoxy
  Polyguard NHT-6100™ Technical Data
  Polyguard NHT-6100™ Safety Data Sheet