Polyken Pipeline Products

Polyken Pipeline Products from Protection Engineering for Corrosion Protection.

Products Include:

Polyken 900 General Utility Tape

Polyken 910 All Purpose Tape

Polyken 920 General Utility Tape

Polyken 930 Joint Wrap/Girth Welds

Polyken 932 Girth Weld Tape

Polyken 934 Pipe Fittings, Bends

Polyken 936 High U.V. Resistant

Polyken 939 Filler Tape

Polyken 955 Outer Wrap

Polyken 980 Inner Wrap

Polyken 1600 Series High Temp/Shear

Polyken 2000 Series High Temp/Shear

Polyken 4000 PCS - Primerless Tape

Synergy - Plant Applied Coating System

YG III - Plant Applied Coating System

Over the Ditch Coating System

Polyken Primers 1019, 1027, 1033A, 1039, 1619

polyken 932 tape white joint wrap polyken ygIII pipeline tape wrap system
polyken tape wrap for pipeline corrosion protection

The Polyken Advantage

The Polyken brand has been synonymous with pipeline corrosion protection systems worldwide for more than 50 years. Whether in the extreme heat of the Middle East or the forbidding cold of Russia or the more moderate climates of the United States, Polyken is there with the most advanced anti-corrosion pipeline coating for the oil, gas, water and coal slurry industries.

With a full range of multi-layered coating systems and a host of coating accessories, Polyken is ready to respond to customers anywhere on the globe.

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Polyken Applications

Over The Ditch Line Coatings

Girth Weld Coatings

Liquid Adhesive Systems

Coatings For Pipe Fittings, Bends & Ts

Accessory Products

Plant Applied Line Coatings

Reconditioning / Rehabilitation Coating System

Polyken - Seal For Life Industries
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