PPG Amercoat Coatings

PPG Protective Coatings and Protection Engineering for Corrosion Protection.

Products Include:

Amercoat 68HS VOC Zinc

Amerlock 2/400 Epoxy Coating

Amerlock 2/400 Aluminum Epoxy

Amercoat 78HB Coal Tar Epoxy

Dimetcote 9H Inorganic Zinc

Dimetcote 21-5 Water Based Zinc

Amershield VOC Polyurethane

PSX 700 Engineered Siloxane

amerlock 2/400 epoxy coating with psx 700 ppg amercoat protective coatings
psx 700 coatings

The Amercoat Advantage

PPG coatings are designed to adhere with less surface preparation and easier applications; thereby maximizing protection and minimizing preparation time.

Their coatings also provide facility substrates with optimal protection from acids, chemicals, abrasion and immersion, thus ensuring the quality of both the facility and of the product.

PPG’s product range includes zinc-rich primers, general-purpose epoxies, durable finishes, tank linings and other specialized coatings.

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Primary Markets & Applications

Water & Wastewater Applications

Marine Applications

Mining Applications

Pipe Lining and Coating

Oil, Gas & Chemical Applications

NSF Approved Coatings

Nuclear & Power Applications

PSX 700 Coating

The PSX 700 product is a proven, patented technology that provides long-term protection, with application and system capabilities that can lower the cost of ownership for valuable steel assets. Demonstrated applications include stadiums, water towers, petrochemical tanks, bridges, wind towers, mining assets, many OEM applications, and other exposed steel in a variety of environments. PSX 700 coatings are isocyanate free, resistant to transit/installation damage and outperform traditional finishes.

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