RockGuard HD Pipeline Protection Mesh
RockGuard® HD Pipeline Protection Mesh is a heavy duty, cost effective rockshield for pipelines.
RockGuard® HD Pipeline Protection Mesh - RockshielD

ROCKGUARD® HD - Rock Shield Pipeline Protection Mesh is a three dimensional bi-planar extruded diamond structured mesh manufactured from polyethylene.

It offers a consistent thickness throughout the width of each roll or pad to provide full protection to your pipeline during backfill operations. After installation RockGuard® HD helps in prohibiting geologic movements from damaging the pipe and minimizing potential holidays that can contribute to corrosion.

Lightweight, Easy to Install

RockGuard ® HD is flexible for easy handling, even at low temperatures.

Chemically inert, RockGuard ® HD, will not rot.

RockGuard ® HD is lightwieght, half the weight of some competing products.

The consistant thickness of the RockGuard ® HD ensures no "low spots" in the protection of your pipe.

RockGuard ® HD is designed with channels to allow water to flow and drain easily around the pipe. Water is not trapped against the pipe surface.

RockGuard ® HD  is available in custom roll and pad sizes.

Most RockGuard ® HD orders are shipped within 48 hours. (contact us for details)

Multiple companies specify and approve RockGuard ® HD.

RockGuard ® HD provides excellent pipeline and coating protection at a reasonable cost.

Maximum Protection.

Cathodic shielding

RockGuard's unique open mesh design ensures that it does not shield or inhibit cathodic protection current from reaching your pipe surface.

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Protection Engineering is an authorized stocking distributor of the RockGuard and RockGuard HD
product line of pipeline protection mesh and rock shield.

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