SPC - Specialty Polymer Coatings

SPC and Protection Engineering for Pipeline Corrosion Protection.

Products Include:

SP-1288 Epoxy

SP-1386 SP-1386 DW Polyurethane

SP-1842 Polyurethane

SP-1853 Polyurethane

SP-1890 Epoxy

SP-1891 Epoxy

SP-2832 Epoxy

SP-2888 Epoxy/Urethane

SP-2889 Epoxy/Urethane

SP-3888 Epoxy

SP-6888 Epoxy

SP-8888 Epoxy Novolac

SP-8988 Ceramic Phenolic Novolac Epoxy

spc sp-2888 epoxy urethane pipe coating spc sp-2888 epoxy urethane coating
spc sp-2888 epoxy urethane girth weld coating

The SPC Advantage

Specialty Polymer Coatings, Inc. is a leading formulator, manufacturer and distributor of "state of the art" 100% solids (no VOC's) liquid epoxy pipeline coatings and polyurethane coatings.

SPC has a broad line of coating systems which are utilized extensively in the pipeline industry, on railway cars, lining for tanks and sewage digesters, on steel structures, as well as marine docks and ship applications.

SPC is committed to serving these industrial markets with its blend of research and  superior products.

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Primary Markets & Applications

Fabricated Pipe

Pipeline Rehabilitation

Repairs to FBE

Pipeline Girth Welds

Directional Drilling

Valves & Fittings

Sewage Lines

SPC SP-2888 Epoxy Urethane Pipeline Coating

Used for the coating of girth welds, as well as valves, fittings, pipe, ballast tanks, ships and marine structures. SP-2888 is suited for coating of pipe to be used for slip bore/directional drilling due to its superior abrasion, impact and gouge resistance properties. It has excellent adhesion to grit blasted steel surfaces, Fusion Bond Epoxy and Fiber Reinforced Plastic pipe coatings.

spc specialty polymer coatings spc coatings for protecting pipelines
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