Pipeline Products

NSI Split Bolt Connectors from Protection Engineering.

Products Include:

NSI N8 Split Bolt Connectors

NSI N6 Split Bolt Connectors

nsi split bolt connectors, ideal hose clamps, grounding clamps
stainless steel worm screw ideal tridon

NSI Split Bolt Connectors

Meeting every power connection need for over 25 years. Millions of safe, secure NSI mechanical and compression connections are active in the field today. NSI high-strength solderless service connector made of high-copper alloy for copper and copperweld wires. Type for two maximum wire sizes.

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Ideal-Tridon Clampe from Protection Engineering.

Products Include:

1/2” Hy-Gear 67-1 Stainless Steel Worm Gear

1/2” Hy-Gear 67-6 Stainless Steel Worm Gear

Water Pipe Grounding Clamps from Protection Engineering.

Products Include:

50100 Bronze Ground Clamp 1/2” to 1”

(Approved for direct burial)

The Ideal-Tridon Advantage

67-1 clamps are suitable for most common household and automotive applications. The bands have clean punched rectangular perforations that hold strong and connect easily.

67-6 is an all 316 stainless steel clamp engineered for superior corrosion resistance in harsh environments. It’s the only clamp recommended for marine and salt water applications.

Cast Bronze Grounding Clamps

1/2" to 1" ground clamps are used to ground bare copper or aluminum wires to rebar to ensure positive grounding to the earth. These clamps may be used on pipe sizes 1/2” to 1” and are made to accommodate bare cable. Their unique labor saving design allows the upper portion of clamps to slide open easily and, attach to structural pipes and rebar without needing to remove the screws. Their cast bronze construction assures ground path continuity and provides excellent corrosion protection in damp locations.

nsi n8 split bolt connectors nsi n6 ideal-tridon 67-1 and 67-6 worm gear clamps cast bronze gound clamp for corrosion protection nsi split bolt n8 connectors n6
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