Tapecoat Pipeline Products

Tapecoat Products from Protection Engineering for Corrosion Protection.

Products Include:

Tapecoat H35 Gray

Tapecoat H50 Gray

Tapecoat M50 Gray

Tapecoat M50 Black

Tapecoat 20 Torch Applied Tape

Tapecoat 6025 High Temperature Tape

Tapecoat 7000 Epoxy

Tapecoat TC Omniprime

Tapecoat TC Mastic

Tapecoat Envirotape

Tapecoat Rugged Wrap

Tapecoat T-Tape

Tapecoat Color Coat

Tapecoat Enviroshield

tapecoat h35 tape wrap applied to above ground pipeline tapecoat above ground petrolatum wax tape color coat rugged wrap
tapecoat 7000 100% solids epoxy coating

The Tapecoat Advantage

Tapecoat manufactures a wide rang of products to meet most pipeline protection and corrosion prevention needs. Their vast product line includes; Cold Applied Tapes, Hot Applied Tapes, Liquid Coatings, Epoxy Systems & Primers, Wax Coatings and Tapes, Casing Fill Services, and Marine Coatings.  These products feature UV resistant tapes, integrated primer tapes, below and above grade tapes, mesh backed tapes, mouldable sealants, tape wrapping applicators, above grade and below grade wax tapes, high temperature epoxies, coat tar tapes, outerwraps, mastics and rockshield.

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