Testex Products and Wet Film Gauges

Testex Products from Protection Engineering.

Products Include:

Press-O-Film Tape

    Coarse Minus Film

    Coarse Film

    X-Coarse Film

    X-Coarse Plus Film

Micrometer Thickness Gage

Training Surface

Testex tape press-o-film
testex micrometer thickness gage

Testex Press-O-Film

Press-O-Film provides inspectors and researchers a simple way to obtain an impression of a surface.

Press-O-Film (POF) consists of a layer of crushable plastic microfoam coated onto a polyester film of highly uniform thickness.

When compressed against a roughened material, Press-O-Film accurately replicates details of its surface roughness.

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Wet Film Thickness Gauges from Protection Engineering.

Products Include:

Credit Card Style

Wallet Style

Wet Film Thickness Gauges

For measuring wet film thickness of paints, enamels, lacquers, adhesives & many other wet coatings that are sprayed, dipped or brushed on a smooth surface.

Meets ASTM D 4414 "Standard Practice for Measurement of Wet Film Thickness of Organic Coatings by Notched Gauges”.

x-coarse testex press-o-film tape wet film thickness gage - gauges testex press-o-film tape wet film thickness gauges use
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