Thermoweld Exothermic

Thermoweld and Protection Engineering for Cathodic Protection Connections.

Products Include:

Weld Molds

Weld Metal

Hammer Dies


Adapter Sleeves

Jumper Bonds

Strap Bonds

Flint Ignitor


thermoweld exothermic cathodic connections thermoweld 15cp charges
thermoweld molds charges and sleeves

The Thermoweld Advantage

thermOweld® exothermic welding materials and accessories products, provide a simple, efficient, cost effective method of permanently connecting two or more conductors utilizing a high temperature exothermic reaction between Aluminum and Copper Oxide to produce an almost pure copper weld. They manufacture all of their weld metal and molds in Oklahoma so you are certain of getting consistent, high quality products to satisfy your exothermic welding needs

thermOweld® weld metal is used for welding copper to steel, copper to ductile iron and copper to cast iron.

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Applications & Industries

Oil Pipeline

Gas Pipeline

Water Tanks

Water Pipeline


Transmission Line

Electric Industry

Telecom Industry

Rail Markets

thermOweld Weld Metal

thermOweld’s superior weld metal, a high-temperature reaction between special formulations of powdered copper oxide and aluminum takes place in the mold crucible. Upon reaching critical temperature, the resulting molten copper drops in the weld cavity, instantly creating a high-temperature molecular bond with the conductor. This weld connection cools rapidly, and the mold can be removed for the next connection with thermOweld’s special off-set handle clamps. The thermOweld® process creates a superior connection without the excessive applied heat of brazing, arc welding, or soldering. This is important especially for welding insulated cables or to thin-wall pipe.

thermoweld exothermic welding for cathodic protection
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