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Tinker & Rasor and Protection Engineering for Holiday Detectors and Cathodic Protection Supplies.

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The Tinker & Rasor Advantage

Tinker & Rasor is an electronics firm engaged in the design, development and manufacture of Holiday Detectors, Detectron Pipe & Cable Locators and Fluid Leak Detectors, plus a sizable line of Cathodic Protection Instrumentation.

Incorporated in 1948, Tinker & Rasor has been continuously manufacturing Holiday Detectors since the founding of the Company. Their Holiday Detectors are in wide use throughout the world inspecting protective coatings used for the mitigation of corrosion.

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Tinker & Rasor APW Holiday Detector

The Model AP/W includes the integrated peak reading voltmeter, also used in the Model APS, to measure and display the output voltage being applied to the structure.

Other significant features include the unique T&R Safety Handle. The Safety Handle allows the user much more control over the instrument and does not allow the instrument to be left energized when unattended. This feature provides safety not only for the operator but also for all others sharing a job site.

The Model AP/W main instrument is worn on a belt, keeping most of the weight on the operator and not contributing to arm fatigue when used on tanks, floors, walls, or other non-pipe structures.

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