Trenton #1 Wax Tape

Trenton #1 Wax Tape from Protection Engineering for Corrosion Protection.


#1 Wax-Tape® is composed of a blend of microcrystalline wax, plasticizer and corrosion inhibitor (no clay fillers) saturated into a non-woven, non-stitch bonded synthetic fabric, forming a tape wrapper.

End Use:

For application on underground metal surfaces, pipe or fittings to prevent corrosion.


Wire brush and scrape the surface clean of dirt, loose coating and loose rust. Apply a thin film of Wax-Tape Primer. If the surface is wet, cold or rusty, rub and press on primer to displace moisture and ensure adhesion. Then wrap #1 Wax Tape using a 1" overlap. On straight pipe apply slight tension to ensure contact with surface. On irregular surfaces allow slack so the tape can be molded into conformity. In either case, press and form the tape so there are no air pockets or voids under the tape. Also, press and smooth out the lap seams to ensure they are sealed. The tape does not require curing or drying time so it can be backfilled immediately. For pipe over 10" diameter, overwrap the tape with Trenton Poly-Ply™, Glas-Wrap™, Guard-Wrap™ or MC Outerwrap™ wrapper. For aggressive soil conditions a Trenton wrapper or a rock wrap or select backfill should be considered.


Ideal where only minimal surface preparation is possible

Conforms to irregular shapes

No drying or curing time before backfilling

Can be applied over wet surfaces

Nontoxic, nonflammable, noncarcinogenic, no VOCs

Easy cleanup with towel and hand cleaner

Can be applied at low temperatures

Compatible with other coatings

Conforms to AWWA C217 and NACE RPO375

Superior "wetting" properties

Composed of inert materials that will not deteriorate

trenton #1 wax tape and primer trenton petrolatum wax tapes for pipeline
trenton #1 wax tape on flange

Trenton #1 Wax Tape

Trenton's #1 Wax-Tape® provides long-lasting protection and is compatible with many types of materials such as steel, ductile iron and PVC.

It remains pliable and supports cathodic protection. Trenton's #1 Wax-Tape® is a widely used product in a variety of settings in the oil and gas, water and chemical industries.

Customers have been impressed when removing a small patch of Trenton Wax-Tape for inspection purposes. They consistently find the surface in the same condition as when the tape was first applied. After inspection, the small patch can then be reapplied for continued protection.

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