Trenton Wax Tape Products

Trenton Products from Protection Engineering for Corrosion Protection.

Products Include:

Trenton #1 Wax Tape

Trenton #2 Wax Tape

Trenton Wax Tape Primer (brown)

Trenton Wax Tape Primer (white)

Trenton Temcoat

Trenton Temcoat 3000

Trenton Fill Putty

Trenton Guard-Wrap

Trenton Glas-Wrap

Trenton MC Outerwrap

Trenton Poly-Ply

Trenton Fill-Coat #1

Trenton Fill-Coat #2

trenton wax-tapes, fillers and mastics trenton petrolatum wax tapes for pipeline
trenton #1 wax tape on flange

The Trenton Advantage

Trenton Wax-Tape® is extremely effective and unique in its ability to protect your pipelines.

The fact that their Wax-Tapes® are not "rock hard" sometimes makes it hard to understand how they can protect so effectively. In fact, the tapes form a better protection than paint, and they do not require the surface preparation that is necessary when using paints and epoxies.
Trenton's Wax-Tapes use a blend of microcrystalline waxes and plasticizers, with no fillers. This translates into being able to conform to irregular shapes and fittings with the benefit of compatibility with many types of materials.

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