Trenton wax tapes and products provide effective, long-lasting anticorrosion protection for your resources.
featuring the Wax-Tape® brand of anticorrosion wraps

Trenton's products include a variety of Wax-Tape® brand anticorrosion wraps for applications in aboveground and belowground settings, hot-applied and cold-applied waxes, outerwraps for additional mechanical protection and casing filling for pipeline and cable casings.

Trenton Wax-Tape® #1 wrap is composed of a blend of microcrystalline waxes, plasticizers and corrosion inhibitors saturated into a non-woven, non-stitch bonded synthetic fabric, forming a tape wrapper. They also contain no siliceous mineral fillers.

Trenton Wax-Tape® #2 wrap is a nonwoven, nonstitch bonded synthetic fabric, saturated with a blend of microcrystalline wax, solvents and corrosion inhibitors (no clay fillers), forming a tape wrapper that firms up and is suitable for painting.

Optimal Corrosion Protection

Trenton #1 Wax Tape - Non-firming anticorrosion wrap for underground use

Trenton #2 Wax Tape - Self firming anticorrosion wrap for above ground and underground use

Trenton HT-3000 - High temperature anticorrosion wax-based wrap

Trenton Riser Kits - Ready to use wax coatings for residential risers

Fill-Pro™ PM-GP Profiling Mastic - used to establish smooth profiles over irregularly shaped fittings, such as flanged joints and valves

Fill-Putty™ - anticorrosive moldable filler material used to even the contours of irregular fittings and surfaces

Temcoat™ Primer - an anticorrosion compound for aboveground, underground and underwater metal surfaces

Temcoat™ 3000 Primer - a high-temperature microcrystalline wax-based coating compound that will not melt and can be applied at ambient temperatures from
0° to 200°F

Patch-Pad® Exothermic Weld Protector - ideal for protecting Cathodic Protection system connections. It easily conforms to protect a variety of profiles and most connection configurations.

Trenton outerwraps

Guard-Wrap™ Outerwrap -  a protective wrapper over various Trenton coatings such as Temcoat™, Innercoat®, and #1 Wax-Tape®

MCO™ Outerwrap -  used aboveground or belowground as a mechanical protective wrap over Trenton’s Wax-Tape® anticorrosion wraps

Poly-Ply™ Outerwrap - used either as a wrapper directly over cold-applied Temcoat primer/coating or as an outerwrap over petrolatum-based or wax-based wraps, such as Trenton #1 Wax-Tape wrap

PVC Outerwrap -  a cost-effective solution that delivers additional mechanical protection for Trenton Wax-Tape® wraps.

Innercoat® Hot-Applied Wax Coating & Guard-Wrap™ Outerwrap

Innercoat® Hot-Applied Wax Coating & Guard-Wrap™ Outerwrap -  used to prevent corrosion of underground metal structures.

Innercoat® Flange-Fill - a microcrystalline wax blend that has been successfully used as a pipe coating for over 50 years.


Pile-Shield System -  designed for use in severe marine conditions, providing a dual-protection system against corrosion and abrasion or impact.

Fill-Coat® #1 Hot-Applied Wax Casing Filler -  a petrolatum-based corrosion preventative compound used to fill the annulus of casings.

Fill-Coat® #2 Cold-Applied Wax Casing Filler - a petrolatum waxbased corrosion preventative compound, used to fill the pipeline casing annulus, specifically designed for cold installation.

Fill-Coat® #6 Cold-Applied Wax Casing Filler -  is a cold-installed/high temperature petroleum-based casing filler compound that can be installed at ambient temperatures.

Pre-Con® Casing Corrosion Inhibitor - a liquid casing water conditioner for pipeline casings.

Short-Stop™ End Insulator - made of compression‑resistant neoprene rubber and installed in casing ends. In addition to dielectric properties, Short‑Stop is resistant to oil, water, ozone and chemicals.

Seal-Wrap™ End Seal - a casing end-seal wrapper consisting of a heavy, woven fiberglass coated with a high dielectric strength butyl mastic wrapped around the end of the casing and on the carrier pipe.

Simple Installation

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Trenton temcoat 3000

Trenton patch-pad exothermic weld protection

Trenton wax tapes and primers

Trenton #1 Wax Tape
Trenton Wax-Tape®
high quality, easy to install corrosion protection

Videos below show installation of the Trenton Wax-Tape® anticorrosion wrap and primer on a standard flange and a straight piece of pipe.

Trenton Wax Tape Application on a Flange

Trenton Wax Tape Applied to Straight Pipe