Wasser Moisture Cured Coatings

Wasser Coatings and Protection Engineering for Corrosion Protection.

Products Include:

MC-Tar 100

MC-Zinc 100

MC-Universal Primer 100

MC-Miozinc 100

MC-Prepbond 100

MC-Ferrox B 100

MC-Miomastic 100

MC-Ferrox A 100

MC-Shieldcoat 100

MC-Luster 100

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The Wasser Advantage

An industry leader in advanced coatings technology, Wasser offers a full line of high-performance industrial maintenance coatings that provide exceptional levels of corrosion protection. Their state-of-the-art product line meet of exceed current industry VOC standards.

Wasser's corrosion protection products provide superior protection. Their coatings have become the products of choice for facility owners, engineers and applicators alike.

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Primary Markets & Applications


Oil & Gas


Marine, Ports & Facilities

Bridge and Highway


Wasser MC-Tar Coal Tar Coating

Wasser combined moisture-cure urethane technology and micaceous iron oxide with refined tar resin to produce a superior corrosion resistant coating. The MC-Tar 100 has proven performance in severe exposure, and is recommended for application on various substrates for immersion, atmospheric, and buried environments. It has the ability to provide outstanding barrier protection in one-coat or multi-coat systems.

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