Wraptite Pipeline Products

Wraptite from Protection Engineering for Corrosion Protection.

Products Include:

WRAPTITE 319, 327, 328 Primers

WRAPTITE 387 Zero VOC Primer

WRAPTITE 300 Series Utility Tape Wrap

WRAPTITE 330 Series Tape Wrap

WRAPTITE 330L High Tack Tape Wrap

WRAPTITE 308 (55-20) Inner Wrap

WRAPTITE 365 Series Outer Wrap

WRAPTITE WTP1 Petrolatum Wax Tape

WRAPTITE WTP1 Paste/Primer


WRAPTITE WTP-10 Outer Wrap

WRAPTITE WTP-120 Outer Wrap

WRAPTITE Filmastic Estimation Table

WRAPTITE Installation Guide

wraptite petrolatum wax and polyethylene tape wraps wraptite pipeline coatings and petrolatum wax tapes
Wraptite wtp1 petrolatum wax tape applied to a valve

The Wraptite Advantage

Wraptite Pipeline Products is a leading manufacturer of anti-corrosion pipeline protection systems and has provided products that meet the rigorous demands of on-land pipelines. Their products are designed for application to new construction pipe in both plant and field settings, as well as the repair and reconditioning of existing pipelines in the oil, gas, and water industries.  Wraptite provides cost effective and efficient corrosion protection for pipelines. Wraptite offers a full line of tape wrap systems - joint wraps, yard wraps, line coatings, primers, petrolatum tapes, outer-wraps, and mastics.

Technical Data & MSDS Wax Back to Products wraptite pipeline corrosion tapes and petrolatum wax Technical Data & MSDS Tapes

Wraptite Applications

Joint/Girth Weld

Plant Applied Coatings

Reconditioning Pipeline

Underwater Environments

Marine Applications

Above Ground Piping

Irregular Valves & Fittings

wraptite petrolatum wax tape products
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