Protection Engineering provides pipeline products designed to prevent corrosion.
pipeline products include:

Polyguard RD-6, Polyguard IRO, Epoxies, and Joint Wraps
Polyken 930, 932, 980, 955, 4000, YGIII, Joint Wraps, and Yard Wraps
Covalence WPCT, DIRAX, HTLP, CASEAL, WPC60M Shrink Sleeves
Tapecoat H35, H50, 6025, HTMB, Color Coat, Omniprime, TC Mastic
Royston A51 Mastic, Handy Caps, Royston Tapes
Trenton #1 & #2 Wax Tape, InnerCoat, MCO & MCO 110 Outerwrap
Denso Petrolatum Tapes, Outerwraps, and Mastics
STACwrap Petrolatum Tapes and Mastics

Underground Warning Tapes and Pipeline Markers
Eagle Superwrap Tape Machines
RockGuard HD Pipeline Protection Mesh Rockshield

Clockspring (Citadel) DiamondWrap HP and BlackDiamond Composite Carbon Fiber Pipeline Repair

Tapes, Mastics, Petrolatum

Trenton Wax-Tape® is extremely effective and unique in its ability to protect your pipelines. The fact that their Wax-Tapes® are not "rock hard" sometimes makes it hard to understand how they can protect so effectively. In fact, the tapes form a better protection than paint, and they do not require the surface preparation that is necessary when using paints and epoxies.
Trenton's Wax-Tapes use a blend of microcrystalline waxes and plasticizers, with no fillers. This translates into being able to conform to irregular shapes and fittings with the benefit of compatibility with many types of materials.

Polyguard RD-6 is a non-shielding coating. This means that if the RD-6 coating ever becomes disbonded, the pipeline beneath is still protected because cathodic protection currents will be able to reach the disbonded area. Once the current reaches the disbonded area it will raise the pH of the water underneath it to 9 or higher – a level too high to support corrosion. Additionally, the RD-6’s geotextile fabric backing does not shield cathodic protection currents.

Covalence two-layer and three-layer constructions complement wide range of pipe coatings. Top quality hot-melt, copolymer coated sleeves resist elevated pipe operating temperatures and soil stresses on all pipe diameters. Mastic-coated sleeves balance performance, economy and ease of installation. Three-layer sleeves with epoxy primer and hot-melt copolymer have excellent resistance to both cathodic disbondment and hot water immersion. Fiberglass-reinforced sleeves withstand the high stresses of directional drilling. Self-healing adhesive flow automatically repairs minor mechanical damage. Dimpled backing providing a "permanent change" indicator for application of heat.


The Polyken brand has been synonymous with pipeline corrosion protection systems worldwide for more than 50 years. Whether in the extreme heat of the Middle East or the forbidding cold of Russia or the more moderate climates of the United States, Polyken is there with the most advanced anti-corrosion pipeline coating for the oil, gas, water and coal slurry industries.


Tapecoat has been a respected manufacturer of tapes and coatings to the pipeline industry for decades. Their products include industry standards Tapecoat H-35, T Tape and Tapecoat 20. Tapecoat’s reputation for reliability is known throughout the oil, gas, water and wastewater industries. As a leader in field applied corrosion prevention products, Tapecoat products are highly effective at protecting your investments in pipeline assets and reducing the potential for environmental contamination and hazards to life and property.


Royston® is a highly respected brand of pipeline coatings and tapes for the pipeline industry. Manufactured in the USA, Royston’s products provide corrosion protection for the oil, gas, water and wastewater industries. They are a recognized leader in developing innovative field applied corrosion preventative coatings that make a material difference wherever they are applied. Their goal is to provide effective coating systems to greatly reduce the effects of corrosion.

Denso’s Petrolatum Tapes or wax tapes have been around for over 80 years, with Denso Tape being the first petrolatum tape developed. These high performance petrolatum tape products provide above and below ground and underwater protection to pipelines, fittings, tank bases, steel structures and similar substrates.

STAC Products are most widely used for maintenance projects. All STAC products are non-toxic and non-flammable. They are simple to apply, highly flexible and conform easily to irregular shapes and voids.

Wraptite provides cost effective and efficient corrosion protection for pipelines. Wraptite offers a full line of tape wrap systems, joint wraps, yard wraps, line coatings, primers, petrolatum tapes, outer-wraps, and mastics

DiamondWrap® HP™ is engineered to provide strength that enables a pipeline to be restored to maximum allowable operating pressure (MAOP) without shutting down. The system is comprised of three components, (epoxy primer, carbon fiber, epoxy resin), each thoroughly and independently tested at both the university and national laboratory level.

Black Diamond® was designed to provide pipeline owners and operators with a cost effective solution and alternative to repair clamps, welded sleeves and pipeline replacement. Unlike fiberglass repair systems, Black Diamond® offers reduced thickness solutions. Black Diamond® exhibits minimal creep and its stiffness approaches that of the steel.

ROCKGUARD® HD - Rock Shield Pipeline Protection Mesh is a three dimensional bi-planar extruded diamond structured mesh manufactured from polyethylene. It offers a consistent thickness throughout the width of each roll or pad to provide full protection to your pipeline during backfill operations. After installation RockGuard® HD helps in prohibiting geologic movements from damaging the pipe and minimizing potential holidays that can contribute to corrosion.

Composite Repairs & Rockshield

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Diamond Wrap HP carbon fiber composite repair
Trenton #2 wax tape corrosion protection
Polyguard RD-6 tape wrap
Rockguard HD rockshield pipeline protection mesh
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